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What We Bring to the Table

Currently, there are three products being offered specifically for unity platform. These assets are out in Unity Asset Store and ready for purchase.


The devs are still arguing what to post here so will let you know when they are done! Thank you 😉


  • TextToSpeech
    TTS technology  reads aloud texts on computers, tablets and smartphones. It basically converts texts into spoken voice or audio by reading any string of text characters to form sentences. Want … Read more
  • Simple Text Style
    SIMPLE TEXT STYLE is a complete substitute for default Unity fonts. It is designed to work similarly to the default Unity fonts but with extra stunning features to suit the … Read more
  • SimpleLocalization — An Asset to Reach the Global Community
    Imagine your applications and developments being used by millions around the globe. That's possible through Localization. This simply means that the global market is right within our reach! This SimpleLocation … Read more

About us

Our Story

OrukaUnity is a company that is geared towards making unity assets to help fellow developers integrate new features in their mobile applications. This company has come to a reality in 2018 with bases in Cebu, Philippines.

Oruka Unity believes in the merging knowledge and skill to create products that will help ease problems of developers with unity features. With a vision of rendering quality products at competitive prices, OrukaUnity continues to develop more Unity assets for the global community.

 Our Team

With an amazing journey and years of collaboration before launching the company, the team is composed of enthusiastic individuals with skills in the following areas:

  • mobile application in Unity
  • quality assurance specialist
  • programming


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