SimpleLocalization — An Asset to Reach the Global Community

Imagine your applications and developments being used by millions around the globe. That’s possible through Localization. This simply means that the global market is right within our reach! This SimpleLocation powered by OrukaUnity is not just your typical Unity asset.

The major highlight of this asset is its ‘simplicity’ which will only take you a few clicks to generate  localized data. Anchored from the idea of minimalism, this asset is your quick help to your localization needs.  This will solve your needs for multiple language in just a few clicks without the hassle of reviewing other’s codes or the depths of hardcore implementation process. See for yourself!


Multiple Language Assurance

Power up your Unity applications and reach multiple users from different countries through this SimpleLocalization Asset by OrukaUnity. This powerful asset can help you automatically translate your content without spending much time and effort.

Available Localization

This asset can localize string in script, uGUI Text, TextMesh, TestMeshPro in an easy way! Steps are even available below.

TSV File supported

Aside from The TSV file, this asset can generate EnumLocalizationID and EnumLocalizationLanguage in just one click!

Clean Code

Guaranteed clean code is given that’s easy to understand and editable. Aside from the ease of use, this clean code will not take much of your time since it will only be short, precise and concise.

Continuous Development

You can expect that this product will be continuously developed to suit the needs of the developers. Since this product is entirely owned by the seller, quick fixes, improvements and updates are easy.

Full Customer SupportThe assurance of getting a full assistance from our customer support is guaranteed all throughout the process. There’s no need to worry about setup and maintenance since customer support will be provided for a smooth transition.


In order to correctly use this asset, follow the steps and examples.


  1. Create a TSV sheet file. In creating the TSV file, make sure you take note of the following:  
    1. Use a number and increment it.
    1. Use a unique variable name.
    1. Prepare a localize support name. (Note:  It is important to note that in TSV, new line and tab can’t be used. However, this can be replaced the use of \n.)
    1. Next, go to Unity tool>Project View>Click Generate Button.
    1. Once TSV file is generated, EnumLanguageSetting and EnumLocalizeName will be created. Remember that EnumLanguageSetting is used in ChangeSetting and EnumLocalizeName is used to getText.

How to Use

  1. Void ChangeSetting (EnumLaungageSetting settingLanguage).

If setting is not changed, default will be mostly left register language in TSV sheet.

2. String GetText (EnumLocalizeName id) or string GetText (string idStr).

Getting localized text depends on setting and TSV sheet. In order to get the desired localization, set parameters first. You can use the ID defined in the TSV which is also the throw System to create the Enum file. It would be better to use Enum than String for ease of change and type safe.